Nature – mother earth. Our planet. Our home.
The choices we make today are the results we see tomorrow. The Butterfly Effect.
Our mind is a strong tool – but we use it too rarely. 

Your focus is where your attention goes. What you focus on will become your reality.
If we choose consciously, we will evolve consciously.

What you focus on is your very own experience. It is your treasure. It will shape your personality. The love, the anger, the fear, the shame, the loneliness and the power - it is all in you. We are all different and yet kind of the same. We are all individuals but all human. 

Chose your focus wisely. Remember: what would others say about you. What was your impact, the footprint you would leave behind. What do you want to be remembered for? All that is your personality. The soul. 

If we are able to live a multi-sensory personality, intuition, experience subtle feelings – we grow. We become more aware. The Third Eye. That is the gift. Not everybody holds it, some are still looking for it and some are maybe scared to use it.

It is a conscious way to love and live. Being aware of everything that surrounds us. Elements. Sun, moon, water, stars, plants. Time and energy. The endless circle of life.