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Our Vision

Dive into the World of lorst.

lorst was born in 2021 in Germany with the aim of redefining the relationship we have with our health + beauty. We believe in natural and sustainable aesthetics and work with carefully selected products and partners from the supplement sector, who help us to achieve this particular goal.

The French Beauty Effect — timeless beautiful
Like the French Aesthetic — Less, but better, we focus on simplicity and unspoilt naturalness — the minimalism of beauty. Keep it simple. Tradition moving in alignment with time. 
Made in France.

Dive into the World of lorst.


lorst is dedicated to telling the stories that are steeped in the touch of a human being and soul behind the exceptional quality of the products.
From superfluity back to clean simplicity and minimalism. Back to nature. Back to the roots.
Simple + natural are fundamental of our brand, the products and our understanding of the world.


Our Mission is simple — Giving you the best version of yourself!

Our Vision — Discover, preserve + underline the natural beauty through the magic and power of nature.
Premium sustainable Supplements for inner and outer health and aesthetics.

lorst — Our notion of Natural Beauty.

The power of Nature — exclusivity meets natural beauty.

Effectiveness — High quality Food Supplement + beauty food. Finest quality aligned with love for the earth and respect for nature.
Production in a way that is sustainable, respectful + ethical.

Natural products, quality & responsibly sourced ingredients and excellent results. Clean  I  Made in France  I  Sustainable  I  Natural — BIO + VEGAN  I  No animal testing

We designed our packaging with the vision to not just minimise waste and maximise recyclable content, but to create a thing of beauty, quality + function.

Our Health + Beauty — is connected to the health + beauty of our planet. Make conscious choices and protect both with lorst.

The Best Version of You! — The power of a comprehensive and targeted routine - to optimise women’s health, wellness + beauty.


The French Beauty Effect — timeless beautiful. Our products are developed and manufactured in France. Made in France.


Natural products, finest quality & responsibly sourced ingredients. No animal testing.


Sustainability is an essential part of our concept. Every decision is made on the basis of this premise. Keep it simple.