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by Maison ITANY

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by Maison ITANY

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KARNALI makes the shimmering colors that adorn the shores of the Indian Ocean shine.
A tribute to the fruity and spicy gastronomy, from Reunion to Thailand.
A fruity, minty, sweet, fresh and invigorating blend.

Ideal during the day, before 6pm. An aromatic blend as tasty hot as in iced tea.

Composition — China Sencha green tea, turmeric, papaya, ginger, mango, natural flavor, peppermint, spearmint, passion fruit, kiwi, spirulina.

Capacity — 100 g

Made in France




The French Beauty Effect — timeless beautiful. Our products are developed and manufactured in France. Made in France.


Natural products, finest quality & responsibly sourced ingredients. No animal testing.


Sustainability is an essential part of our concept. Every decision is made on the basis of this premise. Keep it simple.