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Marylise Mirabelli

Marylise Mirabelli

Marylise Mirabelli is a perfume brand founded in 2021.
It is defined by "Minimalist Chic" with its motto : "There is no need to overdo it. The important thing is in the container” — and "Musical Inspiration" from the founder's favorite artist. Three elegant, deep, and singular olfactory universes inspired by three iconic songs. All these fragrances are perfume extracts, formulated with organic wheat alcohol. An eco-friendly development, production in small series, made in France. Vegan and not tested on animals.

Marylise Mirabelli Compositions
Julien — UNIQUE


Because our bodies and their needs change with the seasons. But the water we drink remains the same all year round. Because we tend to personalise everything but the essentials. We have decided to boost our everyday water to make it intelligent. At UNIQUE, we have developed natural + functional hydration cures. To drink every day, all year round. With us, you drink more + that's good. But above all, you drink better. So, are you ready to make water your best ally for well-being?

UNIQUE Compositions
Arnault de sachs + Jeanne de Baudinière — L'Officine Botanique

L'Officine Botanique

The Officine Botanique is first and foremost a true declaration of love for wild plants. By hand, with precise gestures, we pick our buds and our plants which grow in the heart of the French flora. The bud alone brings together all the properties of the plant: from the root to the flowers through the bark. Our buds and plants are macerated directly on our picking areas. Following a long process, our essences are shaped in a mixture of spring water, alcohol and agave syrup in order to be perfectly assimilable.

L'Officine Botanique Compositions
Sacha Balti — Barbarie Compagnie

Barbarie Compagnie

Sacha, the founder of Barbarie Compagnie, decided to go to Tunisia to discover the secrets of prickly pear seed oil. It's high concentration of vitamin E and sterols makes it the most valuable oil in the world. An effective ally in the fight against sagging skin. Inspired by old botanists bottle is made entirely of glass

Barbarie Compagnie Compositions
Adrien Coelho — founder of Coelho Beauty


Natural. Urban. Holistic. Multi-functional Hair Care for the Soul. COELHO BEAUTY is the new generation of modern, multi-functional holistic hair care with ethical and sustainable values for scalp, hair, face and body. Soft and unique formulas that recharge the spirit while fighting against the effects of the environment but also of stress. 
A perfect harmony between efficiency, sensoriality, ethics and aesthetics, guided by quality, versatility and thoughtful design. 

A contemporary alchemy in full synergy. A perfect balance between artistic expression and functionality.

COELHO BEAUTY Compositions
Thelma Paris — Authentic smokeless japanes incense sticks

Thelma Paris

Thelma Paris was born in May 2021 at the end of the lockdown with the ambition to offer to people a "space to themselves". Thelma Paris incense sticks are made in Japan. This country has a high know-how in terms of incense from ancient times. Japanese craftsmen produce the smokeless incense sticks. The sticks are made with highly qualitative ingredients that are collected in respect with their environment.
3 Colors — 3 Fragrances — A space of your own

Thelma Paris Compositions
versatile is born from the will to make the institutional bold.


versatile is born from the will to make the institutional bold. versatile, literally, refers to a person who often changes its mind. That word says a lot since we are presenting to you, as an alternative brand to what you already know. Fragrances that smell good. Coralie, proud mama behind Versatile. After graduating in 2019 from « École Supérieure du Parfum » in Paris, she did ten professional experiences in the industry.
CAPTURE olfactory moments of life: everyday smells, inspired by the (real) everyday life. Our motto? Less is more, less but better.

versatile Compositions


Founded in 2020, LuneNoire's mission is to elevate everyday rituals by creating experiences dedicated to well-being and letting go, with design, eco-responsibility and French know-how at the heart of its approach. It brings together a team of passionate creatives who nurture a "made in France" brand with international ambitions to seduce lovers of unforgettable experiences in search of quality and who seek to improve their well-being on a daily basis and naturally. Wellness, relaxation, leisure: By shaping irresistible rituals where practical functionality meets bold design, we radically transform the "before, during and after" of their daily and favourite rituals.

LuneNoire Compositions
Maison ITANY

Maison ITANY

Maison ITANY is a tea house founded in Paris in 2020 where we offer a range of products made of original teas, aromatic blends and rare teas. Our ingredients are organically grown and selected with as much care as requirement, in order to satisfy a perfect blend. Each blend follows the creation and elaboration process developed by our company. It will be the expression of the creativity and know-how of our sommelier who will support her work with olfactory and gustatory memories marking a goldsmith creation.

Maison Itany Compositions
Georges Maubert Marie Jeanne


Born in Grasse, Georges Maubert has been immersed in the world of perfume since his childhood. Sensitized to the treatment of flowers up to the composition of scents, he works in close collaboration with worldrenowned perfumers. He is the fifth generation of the company Robertet, world leader in natural raw materials. Since 1850, his family has worked in the perfume industry, farmers, chemists, perfumers, sourcing experts. This ancestral knowledge is mastered and developed to offer you the most beautiful fragrances.

Marie Jeanne Compositions
Founded by Kareen + Thierry de Beaurepaire.


We are part of a holistic approach towards beauty, creating an avant-garde brand and products without compromising between efficiency and naturalness. Thus Evoleum was born, with the strong promise of packaging the best of nature in a glass case. An innovative brand based on the selection of natural ingredients whose power is preserved by the glass and increased tenfold by active ingredients with proven efficacy. Founded by Kareen + Thierry de Beaurepaire.

evoleum Compositions
Agathe Fournioux — gûrhu


Gûrhu is a French brand of natural remedies, whose philosophy is based on a holistic vision of well-being and the desire to care rather than to cure. Inspired by the traditional preparations of herbalists and various ancestral medicines, our supplements are made from raw plants, designed to facilitate the approach to plants and the creation of customized daily well-being rituals. Founded by Agathe Fournioux.

gûrhu Compositions
Erika Fogeiro ─ COMBEAU©


COMBEAU©’s entire philosophy is based on the perfect combination of exquisite high-quality ingredients to improve assimilation by the organism and finally reveal real results that are visible on the outside, and felt inside. We are made in France, our ingredients are responsibly sourced. The first multi-active concentrate that attacks the source of the problem to stimulate the body’s essential functions. Founded by Erika Fogeiro.

COMBEAU© Compositions
Céline Ruffet — L'infuseur


Founded by Céline Ruffet, L'infuseur is a family business with an entire French production chain. A responsible company whose quality is determined by a selection of the exquisite raw materials, bags made of corn starch and without glue in beautiful recyclable cardboard boxes.

L'infuseur Compositions

Most Famous


The French Beauty Effect — timeless beautiful. Our products are developed and manufactured in France. Made in France.


Natural products, finest quality & responsibly sourced ingredients. No animal testing.


Sustainability is an essential part of our concept. Every decision is made on the basis of this premise. Keep it simple.