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by Thelma Paris

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by Thelma Paris

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Opening a box of Contemplation incense sticks feels like opening a compact with its characteristic notes of violet. The woody scent of sandalwood and cypress gives these sticks a perfect balance. These incense sticks are an invitation to contemplation, they bring an awakening of the senses in a calm and comforting interior. They can accompany another wellness practice such as yoga or meditation.

With a smokeless combustion and a delicate fragrance, Thelma Paris incenses are made in Japan following ancestral methods and know-how. The sticks are made from high quality aromatic raw materials: woods, resins, and oils carefully selected with respect to the environment in which they are collected.

To use the incense, place the stick in an incense-holder, light it, extinguish the flame if necessary and enjoy the space that opens up to you. Incense should not be inhaled directly, the subtlety of the fragrance develops better with a little distance. The Thelma Paris stick has no bamboo stem which provides the experience of the true scent of incense diffused without the smell of burnt wood.

By their discreet and original diffusion of perfume the Japanese incenses present true virtues. Among them:

— Awakening the senses
— To purify the atmosphere
— Opening a place to oneself

Each box contains more than 20 hours of combustion with 48 sticks lasting about 25 minutes.

Made in Japan.

Thelma Paris wants to offer authentic products rich in meaning to give you a place of your own.




The French Beauty Effect — timeless beautiful. Our products are developed and manufactured in France. Made in France.


Natural products, finest quality & responsibly sourced ingredients. No animal testing.


Sustainability is an essential part of our concept. Every decision is made on the basis of this premise. Keep it simple.