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LGNDR Juniper Leather


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LGNDR Juniper Leather


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LEGENDÄR Scents. Sophistication can be so simple.

A bottle of magic and magnetism for men and women. Fragrances of character. Complex compositions. Bouquets of clarity. Classic contemporaries. Heady, yet wholesome. Liquid artisanry.  The scent of leather is rich in history and one of the primal notes in perfumery. Back in the 16th century, gloves were scented with civet and musk to mask the unpleasant odor that remained from tanning. Today, the scent of leather is naturally created using, for instance, birch, juniper or myrtle. Contemporary leather nuances can be floral, light, powdery or spicy.

Men and women appreciate this scent as instinctive, stimulating and sensual. Heady, herbal and elemental. Lively top notes of juniper wood and lavender open this fragrance. Its sweet heart of iris is fused with rose. Spicy patchouli and tangy vetiver meet papyrus and oak moss to form a base that is wrapped in leather and creates a scent that promises refined excitement.  Top: Juniper wood, lavender france and aldehydes Heart: Iris and rose Base: Vetiver Haiti, papyrus india, oak moss and leather.

Eau de Parfum composed by Lyn Harris.

Volume — 50ml

Zero waste goal — Made in Germany





The French Beauty Effect — timeless beautiful. Our products are developed and manufactured in France. Made in France.


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