Today, as a company, we are a small business, but that does not keep us from transforming the traditional way of doing business and disrupting the entire system, to achieve what lorst encourages + strives for — a sustainable lifestyle + creating awareness. 

Choose consciously, and you will evolve consciously.

The intention in opening lorst was to inspire us and others to slow down and create mindful rituals in our daily routines.
As a sustainable alternative to non-premium mass producers, we do not participate in Black Friday — we do not support overconsumption. Buying just to buy something is never the right answer.
Our products are made in ethical conditions, mostly by individual artisans and small family businesses. And that is what we value and support because that is important to us!

To live life in the fast lane makes us forget how we can enjoy the rituals.

Our motto — All you need is less in a better quality. Because the less we own the more we are be able to enjoy it. And what's the point of having a lot if you can't really enjoy it? 
Have you observed a child at Christmas, which received only one toy? 
He plays with it all evening.
And have you also observed a child who received several toys?
He doesn’t play with any of them. 

Be the first child. Dive into the moment. Your moment.

The choices we make today are the results we see tomorrow. Make conscious choices and protect our planet with lorst.

Question the way you live so that we can live in a better world.

✨ Let's make a positive change together!

lorst will plant one tree for every sale on between 25/11/21 — 29/11/21