What a beautiful life it is – aligned and working in sync with the Sun, Moon, Stars – the purpose of life. Pablo Picasso once said: The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.

What if these celestial bodies and our Earth provide us the gift. The Universal Alignment. They give it away for us to live. In that sense it is obvious that the sun rules all live, the moon controls the oceans and the stars are the spirits. Our fate is written in the stars. And when we look up, we are able to see it.

Depending on how we live, we age differently. Spiritually + physically, it is rooted in our DNA. We often start to think about ageing when we get older and it seem so surreal that one day, we won’t be here anymore.

Paying attention now is more important than ever – living in the present! NOW.

It is not about anti-aging – it is about growing in maturity. Physically + mentally. Understanding that everything is connected and that we have to treat our body with the utmost care.

We have to learn to celebrate our body and what it is capable of doing again. And support our body and spirit – with a healthy diet, slowing down, less stress, awareness.

Our body is home – our temple. Let’s take care of our home.