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Hydration + Sleep Duo

von Unique Paris

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Hydration + Sleep Duo

von Unique Paris

Regulärer Preis€47,00 Verkaufspreis
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Hydrating sleep cure

At Unique, we believe that deep, restful sleep is the key to a healthy body, overall well-being and a glowing skin tone (yes, it's all connected!).
However, our production of melatonin, the sleep hormone naturally present in our body, can sometimes be disrupted by external factors such as stress, anxiety and diet.

Thanks to a mix of carefully selected natural ingredients, the moisturizing sleep cure helps you fall asleep and improves the quality of your sleep for a peaceful night's sleep, without the drowsiness effect when you wake up.

You won't have to count sheep anymore!

30 ampoules of 10 ml, 30 hydrating booster

A complete and effective routine.
Our ampoule + ball duo is the winning combo to maximize the effectiveness of our moisturizing cures. When combined, these two work as a team: perfectly complementary, one boosts our body and the other guarantees a maximum hydration effect throughout the day. How does it work?

01 Take your morning shot by diluting the ampoule in a large glass of water.
This first step in your routine is the HYDRATING SHOT of active ingredients to start your day: with it, you receive 70% of the active ingredients present in your moisturizing treatment.
Objective: A maximum of active ingredients for a maximum of effects.

02 Dilute the bead in your gourd (750ml and more)
Enjoy your magic water and its delicious lemony taste throughout the day.
This second step is the HYDRATING BOOSTER containing the remaining 30% of active ingredients, for a 100% successful hydrating treatment.
Objective: Drink (water) and get energy all day long!

03 Obviously, we keep our good habits: EAT (good), SLEEP (well), REPEAT!
We take care of our intestines by favouring fresh, healthy products, without too much sugar, without too much fat, without too much gluten.
We try to vary our meals as much as possible without restricting ourselves too much. Enjoying yourself is important!

Sleep is essential for our balance: I respect my ideal cycle.
Turn off the phone! We keep some privileged moments in our day, without phone.
Try to exercise. Get moving. There's nothing like exercise and a little sweat to fill up on endorphins.
Cut negativity. Surround yourself with positive, caring people who pull you up.
... AND BE HAPPY! Time is probably our most precious asset, so let's save some of it to do things that make us really happy.

Clean — Eco-friendly — Made for effects Made with good taste — Made in France




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