The Shackpalace mantra is ‘questioning the way we live, so we can live better’. The basic set of criteria, which we have never been prepared to compromise on, is;

Ethics + Sustainability — We ensure that we are only selling products that, to the best of our knowledge and research, neither are doing no harm to our planet nor ourselves and are made in ethical conditions, mostly by individual artisans and small family businesses. There is no compromise in doing so. Our ethics are the basis of our work.

Beauty — Of course we have a very high standard for aesthetics in our mind. We have a vision, a clear one. Selected pieces that are the best version. Quality over quantity. Always.

Ritual Inspiring — The intention in opening lorst was to inspire us and others to slow down and create mindful rituals in our daily routines. Living on the fast lane – we forgot how to celebrate and enjoy our rituals. The awareness of me-time with our skincare routine, the relaxation of tea rituals, enjoying good food. Diving into moments – creating awareness.